Looking for coding help - guitar MIDI controller

Hi guys,
I’m starting a search for someone who might be able to help realise a project I started a few years ago that I need to get finished!
It’s a MIDI controller that will be built into custom solid body guitars to control digital effects. It has already come a long way, but the guy who was writing the code is now too busy to finish it so I’m on the hunt for someone new who might be able to either finish it or start again from scratch!
The hardware prototype uses an Adafruit M0 Bluefruit LE, an OLED screen, 4 faders for continuous control, 4 momentary buttons for on/off control, an encoder plus momentary switch and toggle switch for preset changes. I’ve designed a custom breakout shield PCB for the M0 and buttons, encoder and sliders which all work well. I have the code to date, plus a clear flow sheet of what I want to achieve - hopefully it’s not too hard for someone who knows what they’re doing with code - unlike me!!!
Here’s a link to more info (a bit out of date now) - Ergonomic seven with onboard MIDI control | SevenString.org

What's the budget?

What's the budget?

Not really sure what to suggest, perhaps you could suggest what might be fair... The guy who wrote the code to date has done it for the love of it and wouldn't accept payment so it hasn't come up yet.