Looking for components.

I am looking for 2 things i can't seeme to find, and tbh i don't even know if they exists but here i go. But of these items are gonna be used in a car for 12v system.

I am trying to detect the posisjon of a automatic transmision gear lever. So that arduino know if the car is in neutral,park, reverse or 1 or 2.
As hoping to find som kind of micro switch with a wire and when u pulled the wire different sets of contact will be made to detect posision.

i got X(around 10) 1,5mm2 wires going through the firewall.
I need a connector (or what the name is)
Something like this but 1 that has slightly larger pins, i feel they are abit small.



I'll assume you are looking for hobbyist type parts, as opposed to $$ industrial parts.

  1. Look into a linear pot. Can be had on ebay and any electronic ssupply house. Be sure to get a "linear" taper as opposed to an "audio" taper where the resistance changes as the log of the position ( or nearly).

  2. AMP has a circular plastic connector series. Look at any of the electronics distributor.

AMP link

A car I owned in the days before all this gadgetry used a small cable attached to the (column) shifter which ran up into the PRNDL indicator and pulled a pointer against spring tension to show the current position. A similar thing using a slide pot should be doable

If your car has an electronic dashboard, it may have what you need already. See if you can download the wiring diagram for your car. Let us know what you find, Before you hook anything up. Also, every car with automatic transmission has a neutral safety switch. It prevents the car from being started If it is not In neutral or Park.