Looking for developer for pitch detection hardware

I’m a co-founder of a small Brooklyn-based educational startup called Tunefox. We’d like to hire someone that can help us build a device that uses a piezo contact microphone to determine the pitch that an instrument is playing and then transmit it to a mobile device via wifi or bluetooth. Anyone here that may be working on something like this with us?



Since nobody is answering you, I will chip in.

What you want sounds easy, but actually isn't. If your instruments produced pure sine waves, then you could measure the frequency fairly easily and accurately. But in reality all musical instruments produce rather complex waveforms, some more than others. So in order to establish the frequency, you will probably need something like a Fourier Transform, which is probably going to be fairly difficult on an Arduino.

Check out this tutorial - Spectrum Analyzer | FFT: Fun with Fourier Transforms | Adafruit Learning System

it uses a teensy which is a quite a bit faster than Arduino but still affordable.
Paul Stoffregen (maker of teensy) gives quite good support

Hey, thanks for your responses! This is helpful as we're new at Arduino and I'm still unclear on what it can and can't do. Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Perhaps the reason you are not getting much response is because: Pitch (music), the perceived frequency of sound including "definite pitch" and "indefinite pitch" .

You are trying to get something to emulate a human "perception", not something mathematically invariable.


Check out this simpe FFT Library for arduino DUE :

it's a bit faster than 8_bit AVR Arduinos and very affordable (12$, free shipping at AliExpress).