looking for documentation on this RGB LED screen modules (HD74HC245P)

I got 8 LED modules from old festival screen. Each module is 16x16 pixels, 1 pixels is 4 LEDs (RRGB). But I can't figure out how to drive this thing. Each module is internally splitted into two 16x8 pixels module and each of these has 6 ICs (4x HD74HC245P (octal bus transceiver), HD74HC04P(hex inverter) and 74HC595N(shift register)).
There are also 12-pin connectors (one for in, one for out, propably made for bunch of modules in series), 1 is GND, the rest 11 are data. It has only label saying P/N 5ml0341122 (which was not found by Google) and "KS-341 Ver1.2" written on PCB

I was not able to find any documentation to this on the internet. Is there anybody who knows something about these modules?
Some pictures of them: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PH6HjkzokVJ7ovn49