Looking for editors.

Are you interested in improving the Arduino documentation? Do you enjoy writing reference pages and example programs? Looking for a way to help the Arduino community? Become an editor!

We’re looking for people to work on the Arduino website, playground, examples - anything that people use to learn about Arduino and the things you can do with it. That includes the guide, tutorials, reference, hardware descriptions, etc. There’s already too much content out there for us to maintain ourselves, and still a lot more that needs to be written! As editors, you’d be responsible for writing new tutorials and examples, updating the reference as the language changes, helping to preserve useful information posted to the forum, correcting mistakes, etc. You also need to be willing to publish your work under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. We’re specifically looking for people who have a knack for writing clear, friendly tutorials for non-technical beginners.

If you’re interested, please email team at arduino dot cc with a brief description of who you are, why you’d like to be an editor, and what you want to work on. Please attach or link to a tutorial you’ve written, so we can get an idea of your style. If you’ve got a username on the playground, tell us that too - we prefer people who have already been contributing.

Of course, in some sense, everyone is an editor - the playground is publicly-editable and we welcome suggestions for the main site. But we’re looking for people who want to take on a more official role with a bit more responsibility (and that we can depend on to get things done). If you’d like to take on the job, let us know.

(Finally, I should mention the great work that Paul Badger has been doing on the Arduino reference and the playground reorganization that Tim Hirzel is undertaking - they’re the inspiration for this search. Thanks guys!)

Are you looking for someone to actually rewrite things or simply point out what's missing/needs to be changed?

As an Arduino beginner myself, I sometimes see things that, while are probably obvious to advanced users, don't make any sense to me.

The call is for people to actually write or edit the content. If you see things that don't make sense, please point them out on software bugs and suggestions forum.

Will do! :slight_smile: