looking for experienced code writer for joint work in movie replica creations.

hey guys its come to my awareness that i cant simply learn arduino code writing as fast as id like. i have a strong electrical background and engineering mindset but writing sketches is a whole new area. ive been getting increasing interested in recreating certain characters from movies,video games, books, tv series etc. Im looking to find someone or a group of people willing to help me write the code with me explaining what i need to do.

currently i am working on an iron man suit from avengers. i am trying to replicate nearly everything possible. i have many other projects lined up afterwords like crysis 3 suit, grayfox from metal gear solid, tyrael and diablo from diablo 3, and a few other ideas/characters. im very good at art as its in my blood and my mothers an art teacher so it comes natural. this combined with my technical college background and work experiences i feel i can create a lot of things that most people do with just cgi. my issue is i need help writing sketches.

im happy to include any helpers who seem to deliever a large ammount of help via helping them boost exposure of their talents in the following various ways. some of the cotumes/props etc i will probally be entering in cosplay contests and some even possibly for sale. ill happily promote you via my youtube channel, include your name in a list of creation helper in contests, and if i do sell certain creations give a certain % money to those that continuously helped me.

right now im trying to complete just the helmet of my iron man suit so that i can video tape my efforts and use the video to help raise money on kickstarter to buy more equipment and supplies to push my talents further. (3d printer, more programs for my tablet, materials for each piece , help to pay those who contributed to any current project etc.)

any support is helpful and im thankful for it in advance. my current project log is here and i am still having issues writing with the state machine and mili's to drive my servos in sequence.http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=206248.0

the added bonus is you also get to see what amazing creations you will help me bring to life and can use for any portfollio work for yourself, ill be happy to take hd pictures or short clips so you can use it.

I have written Arduino code to read a script to automate motion for the movie industry. The same script format can drive multiple servos and cheap steppers at the same time with one microcontroller. I do not have an easy way to generate the scripts. If you can understand how to do this, the rest is easy. A new idea is to use a special servo with feedback to generate the scripts by moving the unit by hand. This will take some development effort buy maybe this is what you want?

alls i want is for 3 servos to go off in sequence when i press a button. after i press the button a second time id like them to revert the process backwards, hell i dont even mind anymore if i have to use a second switch because this shits starting to see wayover complicated to do such a simple action. i understand i have to write it in state machine the problem is i just dont know how to write in state machine and i havent found any good examples or tutorials about using state machine to create a sequence of events and then reverse them.

i understand i have to use millis to sequence it and i know how to figure it all out i just am way to new at drawing sketches. from what i learned i have to start with the last process and work in reverse. so if the first servo i want takes 100 ms to rotate 15 degrees, the second takes 300 ms to rotate 45 degrees and it takes the last one 1100 ms to rotate 165 degrees then the psuedo sketch would be like

3rd servo to rotate in 1500ms on input 5 high 2nd servo to rotate in 400ms on input 5 high 1st servo to rotate in 100ms on input 5 high

im not quite sure how to make it reverse the same process when the switch is pressed a second time...i think i may have to use digitalread or something

HI Steve,

I have done something like this for a client that wanted to have an interactive jewelry display. Their display cabinet had 3 servos that moved to one position , thus opening the box on the first touch and then returned to the original positions on the second touch. the system also used touch inputs and had a high power LED driver too. The project went belly up and i still have the original custom PCBs and a couple of units ready built. I think they may do exactly what you are looking for.

Drop me an email to Peter@EmbeddedAT.com if you want a bit more information and a chat about this.

Cheers Pete.

hey thanks for replying, sent you a message as requested.