looking for experienced sketch writer(s) for a great opportunity.

ive been researching how to write this sketch for over a week now and i just cant seem to create it myself. im looking for someone to write the sketch for me and join me in creating this replicated iron man suit from avengers. no one out there has gone remotely to the lengths as i have to create awesome effects that even the movie itself wound up using cgi to create. i want to prove to the industry that a lot of these movements couldve been created without the use of cgi.

i would like to combine my efforts with any and all who can contribute. i will give anyone full credit for any help as with each completed sketch i will be making a tutorial so that future people dont have to go through nearly as much frustration as i have. i will be composing future sketches too within this project but right now this is what is holding me up from working my arse off to get the project done.

i cant offer money because i work retail and essential live paycheck to paycheck as is but what i can offer is the following.

upon completion of each sketch you help with i will be making a tutorial. in this tutorial (done with my youtube channel) i will be listing all participants in the end of the video, and also giving a shout out in the beginning. i would love to include in the info any information youd like for example a link to your website, or maybe an email address so you can gain reputation for youself and maybe make money off of selling future sketches.

with the completion of the tutorial i will be using it on my project. with each completion step of my project i will also be making a video displaying how the proposed sketch was used. the great thing about this is i will be happy to send you the video (or you can use the youtube link) and this can be added to help grow your portfollio. this means you gain a substantial amount of credit for minimal work as all i need help with will be the creation/trouble shooting of each sketch. feel free to message me, or reply here to help or ask any questions.

in this project psuedo sketch i use both negative ( - ) and positive ( + ) to display if the servo should move clockwise ( + ) or counter clockwise ( - ). -----------------to open the helmet---------------------------------- 1. user presses the touch button , (normally open button1). 2. servo.2 tilts down/counter clockwise -15 degrees. (entire jaw tilts down -15 degrees) 3. takes 100ms to tilt the -15 degrees 4. servo.2 tilts up/clockwise +15 degrees. (the jaw splits,the users left side tilts up while the right side tilts down 15 degrees) 5. takes 100ms to tilt the +15 degrees 6. servo.3 rotates left/clockwise +30 degrees. (the left side positions itself out beyond the plane of the users head which allows the needed clearance for step 8 ) 7. takes 200ms to rotate the +30 degrees 8. servo.1 rotates counter clockwise -45 degrees. (the front face of the chin aligns with the rest of the jawbone to avoid getting caught in the next step) 9. takes 300ms to rotate the -45 degrees 10. servo.2 tilts up/clockwise +125 degrees. (the left side tilts up along side the head) 11. all servos stay in their current positions until the button is pressed a second time. (at this point each jaw bone half will be on the sides of the helmet)

---------------------- to close the helmet----------------- at this point i want to be able to press button2 and pretty much do everything above accept in reverse to close the helmet. 1. user presses button. (consider the helmet fully opened before this is pressed) 2. servo.2 tilts down -125 degrees. (jaw tilts down from the side of the face) 3. takes 833ms to tilt the -125 degrees 4. servo.1 rotates in/clockwise +45degrees. (front face of chin goes back to its original position) 5. takes 300ms to rotate the +45 degrees 6. servo.3 rotates in/clockwise +30degrees. (the jaw rotates inward to be in front of the users face) 7. takes 200ms to rotate the +30 degrees 8. servo.2 tilts down/counter clockwise 15 degrees. (the jaw connects with the right side half) 9. takes 100ms to tilt the -15 degrees 10. servo.2 tilts up/clockwise +15 degrees. (the jaw now being connected as one piece tilts up to lock in place) 11. all servos stay in this closed state until the button1 is pressed. (helmet is considered closed at this point) ----————————————————

in this video you can see the chin movement from 9:48 to 9:56


in this is the actual suit im making and this current sketch is for the chin movement from 1:18 to 1:20


there will be other parts of the suit that i may be using when i use this operation which means i cant afford to use sketches with delay in them, i must use millis or other non blocking format. i am also using an arduino mega2560

Sounds like a fun project.
Do you have pictures/video’s of the material you already made (the hardware)?
Your current requirements are about servo’s and controlled movements. So you need a statemachine and a library like my wiebel lib (but that currently version only allows going back and forth) you could take a look at the code to see how i do it https://github.com/jantje/libraries/tree/master/wiebel
A sample program for the wiebel lib looks like (sorry for the dutch)

#include "Arduino.h"
#include "Servo.h"
#include "wiebel.h"

#define SERVO_MIN 25                                    //Servo waarde voor kleinste hoek
#define SERVO_MAX 155                                   //Servo waarde voor grootste hoek
#define SERVO_TIME 5000                                 //Tijd (in millisec) voor omlopen

#define SERVO 2                                         //Servo uitgang op pin 2
#define TOETS 3                                         //Toets input op pin 3

wiebel wiebelservo("mijn servo", SERVO);

void setup()

void loop()
  int buttonState = digitalRead(TOETS);
	if ( (wiebelservo.getActieStatus() == wiebel::niks_te_doen) &&(buttonState == HIGH))
		wiebelservo.startWiebel(SERVO_MAX, SERVO_MIN, SERVO_TIME, SERVO_TIME, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1);

as you can see no delays. :smiley:

by the way I think the studio’s know it can be done. It is just faster and cheaper to mimic stuff.
if nobody else pops in I’ll help you out.
Best regards