Looking for expert for a couple of easy projects utilizing EasyVR module

I am looking for someone to complete two easy projects using the EasyVR module and arduino.

  1. I need a servo to make one full rotation when a word is spoken, (ie. "turn").

  2. Basically I need the arduino to plug into the wall and a device would plug into the arduino. When a word is said ie. "power on") the arduino would send power to the device. The arduino would also stop the power when a different word is said ("power off"). I am open to your ideas on how this should work.

I would cover expenses, shipping, and pay a project fee.


  1. I need a servo to make one full rotation when a word is spoken, (ie. "turn").

Most hobby servos only turn about 180 degrees. Is that sufficient or do you need a special servo or external gearing?

When you are looking for collaboration it's good to state what part of the world you are in. Collaboration, particularly on hardware, is easiest in person.

Voice recognition on a arduino? I won't say it's impossible for an arduino to tell the difference between the spoken words "power on" and "power off", but lets just say I would have to see it done before I believed it was possible.


EasyVR Shield $50 EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino - COM-15453 - SparkFun Electronics?
Arduino UNO: $35
driver transistor
Assorted resistors.
wall socket
wall cord
Power supply for the Arduino
Some kind of enclosure.

Figure at least $100 in materials. Maybe closer to $150.

My 'project fee' would be another $100.

Still interested?