Looking for GPS replacement cable!

Well… what a horrible description, but it get’s the point across! I purchased a GPS unit for $15 on eBay, with RS232 output… free shipping, can’t complain! But the connector that came with the unit was only about an inch and a half long. (Fairly long I suppose, but not when you don’t have very nimble hands;D)

Long story short… trying to get a good connection on a PCB, didn’t work out… lol now the wires are too short and seems like it might be smarter to just buy a few connectors. :slight_smile:

Here’s an idea of what I’m looking for, just hoping there’s a better search term than “Gps connector” or “gps replacement cable”.


The connector has 6 pins, 1 of which isn’t connected line shown… My problem is, I don’t want to pay $8 for shipping… when 5 of the connectors cost $5.75 total and I could almost purchase another GPS for the price of the connectors, lol.

Any better search terms than some of the ones listed above… or “6 pin molex” etc etc… would be grand! Maybe even an eBay link. (I searched for a little over an hour with 0 results)

For those curious about the GPS unit:

The seller included the connector, backup battery (plugged in) and headphones (a gift, lol?) Shipping took about a week and a half, and I didn’t buy the extra $2 for shipping.

Looks like maybe a JST connector.

I believe I found them and you’re right, they’re JST connectors… there’s a good selection lol just browsed until I found the right ones. (at least they look good.)

5.80 for the two with free shipping. (on eBay) I didn’t need to pay $7 for shipping and another $2 each, lol.

Much thanks!:slight_smile:

Here’s the link if anyone else needs, it looks like they’re normally used for Lipo batteries.

Thanks again, Can’t wait to get this GPS runnin! :slight_smile: