Looking for guidance on making a precision timer

Hello everyone,

Looking for guidance on making a precision timer with the touch screen. I'm considering the raspberry pi but I like the Arduino for it being really purpose specific in its operations.

You would set the current time.

You could then by the screen enter periods of time for it to switch on a relay. Say 23:00:00 to 23:00:30.

Then when you add, it would display the time period in a list which you could access say with another button on screen.

What do yall think?


You have not told us what level of precision you need for the timing. Timing to the nearest second is not precise by the standards of an RPi or an Arduino.

The RPI has the advantage that it includes a Real Time Clock (RTC) and if you use an Arduino you would also need an RTC module if you want it to stay in sync with clock time.

If you just want something like a versatile alarm clock I think an RPI would be much easier to program using Python.

I don't know which option would be cheapest or by how much.


Thanks. Looking to get down to second(s) resolution for controlling water and air pumps. Current offerings leave much to be desired and the ones that do seconds $$$$$$$$.

You seem to be uncomfortable with the user interface of available timers. Take some time and write down how it should look like, and what features your GUI should offer. The implementation of the GUI will be the hardest part of your project, while accuracy down to millisecond level is easy to accomplish.