Looking for Guidance with a pill dispenser mechanism

Hello Guys, I am looking to create a pill dispenser that uses biometrics, I was hoping that i could correctly identify a valid fingerprint with a fingerprint sensor, and then a medicine drum with medicine cups withh be turned by a stepper motor, and then a linear actuator will press the cups down to be dispensed. I am kind of new with the whole hardware side with arduino. I was wondering if my logic of design is valid, and if this could actually work? Also wondering if I would need to purchase shields of anything of that nature, or extra components that allow the stepper or linear actuator to work. Any suggestions/criticism could help me develop this project

Stepper basics to get started with steppers. The linear actuator can be a stepper, too, using belt or lead screw. I have seen many posts on fingerprint sensors, so a search of the forum could turn up some information on them.

This is several simple projects combined. Be able to do each part. Ask for help when you actually run into a problem.