Looking for guidance

Hi everyone!

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section, I'm new to these forums.

I am wanting to experiment with Arduino, and I'm not too familiar with it yet. I want to make a mini robot as one of my first projects with one, though.
I was thinking of something that is able to move around (probably by wheels) and has some sort of voice recognition/AI. I would preferably like to have a little robot that moves around where I tell it to, and maybe program it to have some witty responses to designated lines I come up with.
I have some experience with programming robots, as I've been involved in FRC and have programmed the robots there. I just want to know if anyone has suggestions for project tutorials, maybe ones I can combine certain aspects of to create this fun little robot friend?


Perhaps start with a simple project and build up to this more complex one.

I think you are biting off more than you can chew.

And as for voice recognition....a 16MHz AVR processor is unlikely to provide the computing power to run the complex algorithm required.

I suspect a Raspberry Pi, with a processor running at 1 or more GHz, would be able to do it.

Unless there are standalone voice recognition modules out there that have their own on board CPU and are compatible with arduino.