Looking for guidance

Hi all,
I’m an mature apprentice electrician with a strong interest in process control and automation and an absolute beginner when it comes to Arduino.
I’m looking to setup a RTU system that can communicate via GSM ( both SMS and/or a web interface). Looking for a max of 10 IO (mixed digital and analogue). I’ve been looking at the DFRobot starter kit and Sim7000 shield to start my learning process.
Am I heading in the right direction or is there a different set of products I should be looking at to begin learning?
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


As you are an absolute beginner, you should start with the basics of electronics and programming. One you have a level of experience, you can begin to think about more advanced subjects such as GSM.

To begin, get a basic Arduino such as a Nano, a large breadboard, some solid core hookup wire, some small tools such as wire strippers and electronics pliers, an inexpensive multimeter, some basic components such as resistors, caps, transistors, pushbuttons, LEDs etc.

What I would avoid are component "lucky bags" (they contain too many rarely used component values) and most starter kits (for similar reasons) and also I would avoid Uno and Mega (because they are not really breadboard compatible) and jumper wires (notoriously fragile/unreliable, and not needed if you buy only components which will fit directly onto your breaboard).

It is good to have a clear objective like the GSM project you have mentioned.
I'd suggest progressing like you have outlined. Get a starter kit and work through some of the examples.
Once you've got some of the basics, start trying a few things with the GSM module like sending an SMS or posting a data item to an existing web server, then start prototyping your design. Google for examples similar to what you are trying to achieve.

I wouldn't think too hard about the exact final hardware of your project at the moment. An Arduino board which is good for prototyping may not be suitable for the final design (Eg size, power consumption too high etc.), but your code will be compatible.

Thx for the replies! I’ll soldier on then.

I’ll soldier on then.

Don't you mean "solder on"? :wink: