Looking for hardware that can be triggered to display video clips

Has anyone come across any hardware similar to sparkfun’s audio sound module only for video instead?
Looking for a device that can store video clips and play them back on cue from a trigger command sent by an arduino… Can’t believe there is nothing out there…

most people just get a cheap player and connect the arduino to the devices switches

I've actually done tht in the past where I had to use the arduino to trigger going into menu mode scrolling to video mode selecting video scrolling to file selecting file and pressing play. What sucks is seeing all of that on the monitor and having to allow delays to let each command click on. Doesn't seem like it would be hard to make a video storage device with some sort of interface.

depends, if your making a video playback device from scratch why would you choose the arduino in the first place?

what I am saying is that unless your a sheild designer for arduino by the time you get the storage, decoding, and output sorted out for any flat out non sh… video, get the thing made and then plug it into an 8 bit external micro just to hit the play button, you might as well toss something in there to do it all … good example would bet a SBC like the (ugh I hate saying this) PI, or a dirt cheap celphone you can root and plop an app on it.

No I get it, but at the same time there are plenty of media player that could already do this if they did slight mods. I'm no electronic engineer but it seems all the needed pieces ate already in place and making something arduino compatible is a great idea for visual artists robot makers etc. I'm an animatronic effects designer and I for one could use something like that in my bag of tricks

You might want to check out smartgpu (http://vizictechnologies.com/). You might need the SmartBundle which combines the graphics processor, sound processor, and the usb/micro-sd communication channels. I suspect it can do what you want, but I haven't looked in detail at what it provides.

However, a simpler approach might be some sort of mp4 player that is controllable from external processors. I could imagine buying one, and making the Arduino 'play' the various buttons (with an opto-isoloator).