Looking for help anduino single cylinder electronic fuel injecyion

don't have e a pc or laptop or id do it myself need files to have pcb made around a Tle80803emxuma1 to control 1 fuel injector help please
mono-fi_schematics.pdf (45.1 KB)

If you would give a little more detail you might get some help.
Good questions get good answers.

Or at least tell what part of the planet you are on.

-jim lee

Boston Massachusetts I have files of it done on another few bikes there's an arduino build that's called fuelino that also has data logger wifi bluetooth gps as well I can upload files to be made but right at end it'll ask for a CPL and I can't find it anywhere in file but other people use files and have successfully maybe I'm doing something wrong ??? Anyways yes I swapped engine Ito the bike from a 125cc 4 speed to a 232cc zs engine oil cooled ,/air I installed a narrowband o2 it has oil temp sensor ,cht,temp sensor, the flywheel has a magnet from pulsar /stator so we need map,iat,tps and the chip I purchased can do everything with a micro controller the chips a. Tle80803emxuma1 need help please

Here's the fuleino and I'll attach files for it as well I'll attach a datasheet of the chip I bought

It would help if you used some punctuation and wrote in meaningful sentences.
What you have written so far is just gibberish to me.

I am totally confused. What's a CPL?

Im confused as well. I said the same thing ,what's a CPL file sorry I don't write an email in a format for your liking not gonna sit there and puncuate everything it's a reply email ,anyways I think I explained it as best I can ,I don't know anything about arduino just learning about it so,I ordered a chip tle80803umax ,arduino artmega ,wifi module,and a data logger shield, now ok I would like to have files made so I can send to have a PCB made for it. To control efi on a Honda grom clones bike unlike a real Honda grom that has a 125cc ,4 speed with pgmfi ,the clones come with a 125cc 4 speed carburetor based ,I swapped the motor out to a 232cc zongshen 5speed wanna add efi with what I described there's a arduino Calle the fuelino that has all those features as well but he piggybacks it onto oem efi ecu ,I want it to run on its own no piggyback so that's what I was trying to say help please is appreciated help

Fuelino_Proto_P4_Gerber.zip (131 KB)

efi_davide_20160131_v1.zip (3.86 KB)

All the files can be found online just Google fuelino arduino

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CPL = Component Placement List
used during population of a PCB.

I assume you must be choosing to get the PCB manufactured and populated with components. If you can solder it yourself (all thru-hole, easy peasy), then just choose bare PCB manufacturing.

I can solder it but if it's doable cheap if just have it done I was hoping I'd find someone to take it on but like I said I've got a solder station and able to do it

Really frustrated is all but yeah just tryna get an arduino ems controller made is all for a one cylinder 212cc engine

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