Looking for help/examples of using the UART grove connector of the Motor Shield

Hi all. Been searching and not finding much and the Seeed website wiki is kinda..useless :)

I have a Arduino Mega 2560 board, and on it right now the Seeed Motor Shield (v1.2). I actually want to just use the UART grove connector on that board right now, as I bought a wifi grove connector for it, and am having issues finding:

  • Example code on how to interface with that grove connector for UART on the motor shield (heck, do I even need it, can I just use the grove connector to something else on the Mega instead?)

  • Example code on interfacing with the wifi module...I see examples for the wifi shield from Arduino, but not sure how that works in conjunction with the Grove connector as it seems to look specifically for the wifi shield.

Basically I am setting up a mini display that detects movement in close proximity and tells the person approaching (by way of output to an LCD board) that either I'm busy (e.g. on a conference call) or I'm free and please come on by.

I have the code working for movement detection and display but basically I want to use the wifi grove connector to fetch a local file from my local home lab web server (or alternatively push a command to it or have it check my google calender for current meetings or if I'm free), and then go from there.

Alas, hitting a dead end.

If anyone has any working basic examples of the wifi portion and interfacing it with the UART port on the motor shield, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or if I can do the same via grove interface on just the mega somehow.