Looking for help for my project step 2

Hi all.
I hope you will be able to help me here.
I'm after the first step in Arduino project.
Just completed monitoring air temperature, air humidity, and water temperature.
All controlled by Arduino Uno
All nice is displayed on 4x20 LCD.

My second step is to send this data to my personal webpage.
When I first asked about my project, the suggestion was to use ESP8266 or NodeMCU LUA.

I have both of them now.
I did try to find the similar project on the net and Arduino site.
I was shocked - so many projects, each one is different, using different parts etc.
It is a jungle - at least for me - I'm still on the learning curve.

I like to ask you for help and point me to the right place/s, what will be most suitable for me,
where I can start next step of Arduino adventure, where you know it is "the best" and where I will be able to build a base for my project.
I'm not lazy - just too many to choose from.

THx in advance

As long as you understand what the people in those projects are doing, it’ll be quite easy to make a choice on how to do yours.
There are indeed often several ways to accomplish the same thing - sometimes even with multiple options being equally good. What parts you happen to have on hand is often also a major factor in making such decisions.
So that’d be my advice: make sure you understand what’s going on. Why do they choose those parts (having them on hand will often be the reason), why does it work the way it does. Then knowing a few ways to accomplish the same thing is quite convenient, too.