looking for help from anyone

i am trying to get arduino uno to receive 2 diff gps signals compare them and direct me to one put failed so far the closes I've got is tinygps++ full example but can't get the 2nd gps signal to work right any help is greatly appreciated


Why not use the title to describe your problem, Almost everyone that opens a new thread is looking fro help from everyone ...

If you want help you have to post the code you used, tell what you tried how it failed what did work what not etc.

harryt43: I am trying to get an Arduino UNO to receive 2 different GPS signals, compare them, and tell me which direction to travel to get from one to the other. I have failed so far. The closest I've gotten is tinygps++ full example(??) but I can't get the 2nd GPS signal to work right. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Based on minimal information my guess is that you are having trouble with SoftwareSerial not being able to listen to two inputs at the same time. Switch to an Arduino Mega and use hardware serial ports for the two GPS modules.

i am new to arduino and don’t have knowledge to work out a complex code i know hardware serial has to be used but the signals have to be sync. as i was told and that is one thing after many failures i deleted all codes and looking for a new start. the person that wrote tinygps++ said his code will do it but didn’t lead me on how. i know some one has done this before but the code has eluded me.