Looking for help running fastLED on adafruit trinket with 12v WS2182b LED Strip.

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So far the only way i can get this to run is by reducing the num_leds value from 100 to 1. When i do that the first 3 leds on the strip will light up red and hold. Beyond that i'm unable to load any other libraries successfully or even add more red lights to the strip.

Any help really appreciated!!!!

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Note that a 12volt addressable strip is the budget version of a 5volt strip.
LEDs of a 12volt strip can’t be addressed separately, but only in groups of three.
If you have a strip with 300 LEDs, then you must enter ‘100’ for the number of LEDs in the code.

You only initialize the first led, this is why it's the only one which is lit.

leds[0] = CRBG::Red;

If you want all leds lit, you should use for example:
fill_solid(leds,NUM_LEDS,CRGB::Red);Refer to fastled's documentation