Looking for ideas for remote controlled linear motor system.

Hi all,

I did plenty of Arduino projects. Most with some form of help from this Forum. So I know the basics : )Here are two of them.

I need to build a remote controlled linear motor controller to open and close a window. The motor runs on 24V. The difficult bit is that the motor cannot be activated accidentally and I don’t know how to program stuff with bits and bytes. I used a 2.4Ghz system in one of the videos above, but a friend wrote the code for the communication.

So what radio system would you reccomend? Preferably something simple to understand.

The other thing is the motor drive itself. Am I just going to drive it over two of those common blue 220V relays that we all know? Or is there a more elegant way to make the motor run and then run in reverse?

If your motor runs on 24V, why would you connect it to a 220V relay? Typically, you use a motor driver that deliver the proper signals and current for the motor. It really depends on what type of motor you have. You can find some pretty high current drivers over at www.pololu.com

You might check the wifi modules for communication, but the particular requirements of your project might call for more of an RC type setup. The relays chosen need to be rated for the current draw of the linear actuator you are using and be able to be operate by your receiving setup.