Looking for inexpensive 24v varaible dc power supply

I was wondering if anyone can point me to a really affordable 24v variable dc power supply for an arduino project I'm working on. I need it to dial in the speed of a motor running at max 45RPM @ 24 Vdc, 60mA

how low cost is low ?

look on ebay ?

or if you only want a quicky, a battery or two,

ram sack some old equipemt from the tip, see if you can find a psu, and put a voltage regulator on it ?

drjiohnsmith: how low cost is low ?

Under $50

I'm thinking of just experiment with old wall warts/laptop chargers rated up to 24v and always able to supply at least enough amperage. I don't really have any experience working with motors and have read that a stalled motor at start can produce voltage spikes and significant inrush currents. Do I need to worry about this if reclaiming a old wall wart? What other considerations when using this approach should I take into account?

Yes, motors are noisy. You should take that into account and provide protection to the circuit. Enough current is exactly how much current? -fab