Looking for infrared 'beacon' transmitter for project

I'm looking for an infrared remote that can be used to continuously transmit a signal for tracking purposes. I know there's 'reflective IR sensors' on the market but i'm hoping to use mine a little bit differently and would require it to be held by the user. I'd like to just turn on a toggle button or flip a switch and have it continuously transmit. Most of the stuff I've seen when googling around a bit have been "strobe" type and other stuff relating to bicycling. Maybe I'm not using the proper keywords.. but these components are kind of a niche market too

EDIT: I figured you can just make a quick simple circuit with an IR transmitter and attach a battery for prototyping. It'd be nice if there was a product that was better optimized for this though (high transmitting power and a nice plastic chasis for the battery to go together).

You've looked at something like this ? IR Communication - learn.sparkfun.com

You can send send a train of pulses using the tone library, or you can encode information using the Arduino IR library and send that. You get a variety of IR led types. Those with a narrow viewing angle have a longer range but are more directional.

How are you planning to detect the IR beams ?