Looking for LCD display with size approximately of wall clock

I am looking for LCD display of size of wall clock. My requirements are 1. To draw custom text 2. Draw small graphics

Let me know if any one manufactures it.

Isn't this kind of device normally called a "Monitor", and can be bought from your local PC retailer? The trick will be interfacing it...

I am tinkering with building a VGA interface for the Arduino, and have had some success so far, but I am trying to find the right chip to base it around. So far all my results have ended up with a working, but stupidly slow, system.

You could always go for PAL or NTSC and an LCD TV and use the TVOut library...

@majenko : If i am understanding it correctly, Arduino might not be the best choice for displaying on device of size of wall clock? I am certainly open to explore other than Arduino to find a solution.

That all depends on what it is you want to display. If it's just a couple of numbers as a clock, for example, then the Arduino is fine. If it's more complex, and you want more detail than just blocks, then you will either need something more powerful, or some intermediary between the Arduino and the display.

Can you give me more detail about what it is you want to display?

@majenko : Ideally i am looking for a display which will display 150 characters of text. Another wish is to draw a clock, which i believe has to be done using animations.

If you don't need colour, and you don't require great clarity, then maybe the TVOut library might fit the bill. It's monochrome (1 bit depth) and quite chunky, but is quick and easy to implement.

http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/video-game-shield-kit-p-841.html has a RCA output

http://adafruit.com/products/384 has VGA output

There is an interesting high color vga card that can be controlled by serial. It's the 4D uVGA-II card. Just +5, Gnd, TX and RX. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10329. Just plug a normal VGA monitor into it and you'll have a nice clock, weather station, etc.

I'm using it, but it's not very easy to use. Hoping to find other users of this card so we can share experiences and sketches.

Sparkfun site seems to be having problems loading but I think you meant this:


Seems very nice. The designer posted some nice examples a while back on the forum. Highly recommend you to try it.

No, I was not referring to the gameduino, I was referring to the 4D uVGA-II (SGC) at http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10329.