Looking for like minded people in Michigan

I am very new to electronics, programming, and all sorts of stuff like that. I live in Lansing, MI the capital city right next door to Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. I am looking for like minded people that like hacking, moding, building electronics, robotics, and all sorts of stuff like that. I would like to email, talk with, or meet in person anyone that wants to start and help build a group of people that are interested in this sort of stuff for the purpose of sharing what we know to help everyone learn and grow in there abilities within the exciting world of electronics and technology. Please feel free to write me personally or post back on here with any questions or comments involving this sorta of thing no matter what your experience is I just want to meet people that have the interest and want to learn like I do.

Have you heard about the Lansing Makers Network?


Also, I work at a local museum, and we're looking for volunteers to help us with electronics systems-- please PM me if you'd be interested.

There is also a Maker space starting up in Grand Rapids. Both the Arduino and the Pi are usually seen at the socials.