Looking for Long, High-Precision Slider Inputs

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working with Arduino for a bit, but I’m new to the forum.

For my current project, I’m looking for 2 (physical) slider inputs:

One with a long travel (~20-30 cm) and ideally with 10-bit precision (~0.1-0.3 mm), although I can settle for 8. The scale has to be as close to linear as possible because I’m working with pitch generation and music.
I think I found exactly what I’m looking for, but it’s out of stock and I’m not certain of voltage scaling: https://store.curiousinventor.com/product/300mm-softpot/

One with a shorter travel (~10-15cm). Since it’s smaller, I only need 8-bit precision, although higher would be nice. It would preferably be close to linear, but it doesn’t matter as much with this one.

Either a serial or analog interface would be fine. I would prefer analog because it’s more convenient to work with, but from what I’ve seen, sliding potentiometers are usually too short and not linear.
I haven’t worked with capacitive touch sliders before, but I’m open to ideas.
If it’s necessary, I’m willing to get a new microprocessor.

I would prefer to spend less than 40 dollars on the sliders, although I can consider up to 80. If I need to get a new microprocessor, I can spend another 40 dollars.

Thank you everyone so much in advance!