Looking for material explaining Classes and passing structures

I looking for a comprehensive ebook, course or video set that would go in depth regarding classes and also structures.

AtM I am working on a class to handle date/time from SPI Real Time Clock and having trouble with scope of the Date/Time struct I am trying to create and passing it around.

Also, I have a Real Time Clock hardware routine and a Flash memory hardware routine that both use a custom SPI routine I wrote as a class but wondering if the class can be made as a static type like the built-in Serial class so I can call it from any file without need to create new instances of Spi for Memory and Real Time Clock

Any recommendation appreciated.

No idea what your level of comprehension is at present, but a reasonable starting place is tutorialspoint.com. The material there is beyond 'beginner'.

If you're well-versed in 'C', then I think C++ The Core Language: A Foundation for C Programmers does a good job of introducing how OOP is done in C++ as well as going over its non-OOP extensions to C.

But, you've got to know C, the authors don't spend any time going over the fundamentals of that language. You need a solid understanding of pointers, data types, control structures, arrays, etc.

Thanks all, I do have previous "C" programming experience with PSOC devices.

I'll take a look at the recommended links you gave