looking for mqtt library recommendations.

Have never use mqtt before, although have heart a lot about it :-).
Would you recommend good mqtt library to use (esp8266, arduino environment)?
Will use it to integrate with other projects mostly to control some devices...

I have used the PubSubClient on Espressif boards and the ArduinoMqttClient on Arduino Nano 33 IoT and other boards.

Both libraries work very similar and seem to be robust (sending messages for month).

I found it more important to have debug tools on my PC. I use Eclipse Paho MQTT Utility (to send and receive test messages) and WireShark (to see the network traffic, if you are interested how the IP packets look like).

On my Raspberry Pi I use Node-RED to send and receive MQTT messages and run the MQTT broker.

sometimes there is a champion

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Have just played with Adafruit mqtt library. It works good, but I have realized it has blocked functions, which is not good for my existing projects. Found recommendations to use async-mqtt-client. Will try when will have some time.

Are there any other non-blocking mqtt libraries?