Looking for parts for some new boards...

I am looking for a number of parts and I am a novice in buying coponents so I thougt some people may be able to help.

Firstly I am looking for some surface mount headers like the ones on the Illuminato X:

but only 4 sockets.

any help much appreciated,



SAMTEC is a good source of such things, usually. If the quantity you want is large enough to buy from them, or small enough to qualify as a "sample." Finding the more unusual SAMTEC parts at normal distributors can be a problem... http://www.samtec.com/technical_specifications/overview.aspx?series=SMH (the picture shows a double-row socket, but the text says they have single-row as well.)

Thanks a lot, just what i'm looking for. The only problem now is that I would want a sample size to start with but then I will only need a hundred or so as a second order.


Actually, it looks like Samtec has added a "buy now" option since the last time I visited their site. They claim they'll sell 100 of SMH-104-02-S-S (which sounds like what you're looking for) for about $0.50 each.

Brilliant, I see that now :D

I will probably be buying 100 of them then...

That's not that cheap though.

Maybe I can buy a 40 long one or something and cut it down if that's cheaper. I will have a look later :D

Maybe someone else has another site for parts?


not that cheap though.

Connectors seems to be among those things that are ridiculously expensive unless you get them in very large quantities, surplus, and/or direct from China (or equiv.) The last two options sorta require that you be using some "industry standard" form...