Looking for passionate Arduino hobbyist looking to mentor a high school project

Hello everybody,

I am currently working on a project at school where I am creating a smart pill bottle case with the use of an Arduino and other similar microprocessors. I am currently looking for a mentor to help me with some of the Arduino side of things and just some of the depth of the electronics itself. Any help and or guidance would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to give you more details in messages!!

Why just one mentor? If you post your questions on the forum you could have dozens. Read all of the forum stickies. They will have information on how to ask good questions and what we need to know to be able to help you.

i see that your project have a word "smart" for it's name. So i assume that you will need connectivity to smartphone or internet right? i am suggesting an esp8266 for the microcontroller for your project.

I thought you wanted someone to come to the class room to help out, based on the headline (but location is missing). Otherwise indeed stick to the forum, so we all may learn a bit in the process.

ok, first figure out how you’re going to determine if there are pills in the container to dispense, then how you’re going to get them out one at a time.

Forget the Arduino at the moment.
You’re asking a problem that requires observation and mechanical answers.
We can help you address the logical part after you figure out the first two.

Detecting pills... weight? Optical ? Counting from a known number...?

Dispensing... tipping the bottle? an augur (without smashing the pill or over-dispensing multiples... some other mechanism?

Over to you.