Looking for People in Paris or Lille

Salut !

Excuse that i write in english, my french is not pretty good.
I’ll move to Paris or Lille in some month’s and i’m looking for some people to have fun with visual’s and hacking things and of course play with electronics like wiring/arduino.

Is there a good place to meet people who have the same intrests ?

Some of my projects: http://gallery.leuchtkultur.de



this is awesome, nice job.

in France, the most attractive place for mixing art & technologies seems to be the south of France. You're welcome for holidays on the French Riviera :slight_smile:

in Paris, you may find people at electronics shops. there is only a few so it will not be difficult :slight_smile: and you may have hardware/software support from robotics team (even if it does not really fit your field of interests).

Hi Luj06,

thank you for your answer.
So i know now that i’ll move to paris end of september.

I hope to find a good community there. And if not i’ll start my own :wink:

If you want check out my gallery again, much happend :slight_smile: specialy the nice to see… guerilla art beam …

Greets Thomas


Sehr schön ! Viel Spass im Paris.

One group of people in Paris : http://www.craslab.org/

And check this page for shop adresses where you can for sure meet people with same interests : http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/Resources