Looking for plcc-4 prototyping boards

I'm looking to see if I can find some PCBs that I can mount several PLCC-4 style LEDs for testing a project I have started. One format that would be desirable, but not required, is similar to a Surfboard brand item from Capitol Advanced Tech. These adapt the on board SMD device to pins that fit into a breadboard. I don't need breadboard capability, but it probably would be useful. Anyone know of anything like this?

Thanks for any and all help

Try these guys
Will purchase the parts and install them onto boards also if you want.

Thanks, I took a look at those and will keep them in mind for future possibilities. I went with a Capitol Advanced Tech one that while it's not a precise match in foot print it's close. The device the board is laid out for is a SOT343 pattern, the pad centers differ by .2 mm. Since each side is only a pair of pads there won't be an error accumulation, just a .1mm (if that) 'overhang' for each lead.