Looking for programming help Arduino Uno -> 2 shiftregisters -> 2 relay modules

Hey there,

with the forum help I was able to finish my Arduino stucture.
Thanks for all help.

Now I´m at my next step. Controlling the relays on my relay module.
Because I´m a very noob at programming I try to ask here if someone is able to help me.

My plan:
Controlling all relays on my relay module (2x8) with my Arduino UNO (2 Shiftregisters inbetween)
I want to send live instructions to my Arduino Uno (with LAN Shield) per TCP with C#.

I havent found such a setup online thats why I´m asking for some help here.
Not sure if it´s allowed but I´m willing to pay for help.

Thanks for all.


Not sure if it´s allowed but I´m willing to pay for help.

It is in Gigs and Collaboration, but it probably isn't necessary. The Playground has a page on using shift registers, with part numbers, wiring, and code. They are really pretty simple to use.

For short distance wired communication USB (COM) can be used, much simpler to implement than an Ethernet connection.

thanks for all answers

I need to connect 16 arduinos to one computer. For installing it´s alot easier to go with ethernet cables.

Like I said in the first post I´m a noob. So I better make an official anouncement:

I offer cash for help.
If you are interested please PM me