Looking for Project Recommendation

I am currently a junior studying EE and want to get a better understanding of circuits so I was wondering if someone can recommend a project for me that clears these topics:

  • will give me a better understanding of circuits (resistors, transistors, and perhaps cap/induc)
  • incorporates some RF knowledge
  • improves the efficiency of life in some way.... (something to look good on the resume)
  • has been previously made, so that if I get stuck I can refer to someone else's project..

thanks alot!

complicated or just assemble parts ?

a CT is a current transformer. use this to monitor the power consumption of your object.


simple, you can buy and assemble the parts, there are a few ways to do this.

add a way to send the data to your cell phone. becomes useful to others


create a water alarm. uses resistors, etc
you can send that to your cell phone as well.

these are all both hobby things as well as items you can buy.