Looking for schematic for an SD card to Arduino interface

I all...

I looked around a bit, but nothing very clear was found. I am thinking of adding an SD card to a project, and wondering how I interface one to an Arduino electronically? What circuitry needs to go between the SD card socket and the Arduino? Does it use SPI or something else?


Hi Skyjumper,

Take a look to this long post. Here you have the scheme but also a lot of interesting information and topics to solve possible problems of communications with Arduino boards, and electronics.


I think it will be very usefull. Enjoy it!

Thats very helpful, thanks!

So from looking around, it seems that an SD card speaks SPI natively and all we need to do to talk to an Arduino is voltage level conversion, either with a level converter chip or some resistors. I found this part on SparkFun:


I also found this board:


This one just has a level converter chip to change the 5.0V signals to 3.3V. Ther is also a lot of info here that implies this is the case.

I am also looking to see if I can use a CF card. I'm actually trying to figure out all the differences between SD, MMC, microSD, CF and so on.