Looking for some code help

I am looking for help with some code. I have been doing this Arduino thing for a couple years but do not normally need help with code. I wanted to know if there is someone proficient with C++ i can hire to do it for me on this forum.

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Post the requirments - there a a few of us who will work for you, but without a project spec. I would doubt anyone will just jump in. :grinning:

Yes, many. I've written literally hundreds of thousands of LOC of C++ and done heavens knows how many arduino-based projects.

But none of that tells me if I'd be interested in your specific project, so you're going to have to give me at least a hint about what you need :wink:

Are you Familiar with PWM signals and Servo systems?


Great! So basically I can buy an off the shelf remote control system that has most of the features I need. To make it perfect I need to build an interface module. Is it posable to schedule a call as that would expedite the process?
Thanks Jeff

So where are you?

-jim lee

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