Looking for some help in building an Arduino Digital Thumb Piano

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to build a digital kalimba or thumb piano using an Arduino Uno for a college project. I have a lot of experience with Ableton and some with Max so ideally I would be using these in some form but I guess it is not crucial if I can bring this project to life another way.

So some ideas I have planned for this instrument:

The keys will be made using conductive paint and the painted keys will be connected back to an Arduino MPR121 Breakout Capacitive Touch Module.

The body of the kalimba will also have a 3 Axis Gyro Sensor Module attached to it, allowing me to manipulate some effects depending on the way it is tilted.

There will also be an ultrasonic sensor placed in front of the performer allowing for an effect to be added to the kalimba sound as the instrument moves closer to the sensor.

The ability to transpose octaves would also be great.

I have all the kalimba samples recorded. Now… all I have to do is make the thing!!

My first attempts with the Max for Live “Connection Kit” advertised by Ableton proved unsuccessful. My arduino did not seem to register in Ableton, so would have anyone have any experience with using the Connection kit? If I were not to use that kit, what would be the most straightforward way of sending the information of these sensors to Ableton to control a variety of parameters? Would it be Arduino——>Max for Live——>Ableton? Someone I know recommended using OSC for arduino installations but I wouldn’t have too much experience with it.

For the record, I have managed to receive data from the ultrasonic and capacitive sensors in my Arduino monitor and I imagine I will also be successful with the 3 axis gyro when it arrives this week but how I move this data to Ableton is where I am stuck.

Ableton and Max sounds like tooth paste resp. hamburgers to me. Any links You can provide?