Looking for some type of sensor/scanner to image tiny things

Hello friends,

I was thinking someone here might be able to help me..

I am looking for some type of sensor/scanner/module/method to image a sillouete of an object up to the size of about 18mm. sort of like a microscope but without the large zoom factor, looking for the 1:1 scale, not distorted by a lens and accurate at any point with at least 2400dpi.

Basically if I would take an ordinary document scanner and scan what I need with it in at least 2400dpi I'll get the required result but I don't want a huge device for max 18mm object. the smaller document scanners lack the dpi.

Trying to achieve an image like this:

which I could later measure and get accurate results with 0.01mm accuracy.

If anyone can point me in any direction, I'll appreciate it.


Begin a Google search with the term: metrology.

What do you consider "huge?"

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