Looking for someone in the Ontario area to help with arduino/electronics

Hi, I'm looking for someone who has a good understanding of electronics/circuits and experience in PCB design. As much as I like messing around with my Arduino and circuits, it's really not something I'm good at and probably what I enjoy the least from any project. My strength lays in the 3D/design/programming/hands on parts (I'm basically a jack of all trades master of none). I have a 3D printer which helps with Arduino projects, and will probably buy a laser cutter down the road if I find a good enough reason to justify it.

I'd like to meet a like minded person that enjoys working on small projects mainly for fun, but with the possibility to market one of them. Over the last few months I have been working on one such project that I believe has the potential to become an actual marketable product that could be sold or put on kickstarter, but when I took it from the breadboard where it was working fine, into the actual final design, I encountered a bunch of problems I can't figure out. Now it's sitting on a shelf collecting dust but I would really like to finish it with someones help. Posting questions on the Arduino forum is fine and all, but it would be way better to have someone that has the skills that I lack to work with on this, and other projects down the road.

The project I mentioned that I'm currently working on, I would ask anyone that is interested to help to sign an NDA, just in case I decide to pursue the idea of marketing/selling it. If this thing ever made any profit we would work out a way to divide it fairly.

If anyone is interested, please message me and let me know your skill-sets. I live in Milton Ontario, so if you're nearby all the better as it would give us a chance to meet in person at some point.