Looking for someone to help me design/build an Arduino based project (will pay)

OK - So I purchased an Arduino board and started downloading the software and reading thru tutorials and such and realize that I simply just don't have enough time to dedicate to this project myself right now; but I have an idea that I want to see followed thru and I think using the Arduino to do it is the best bet for now...so...I am looking for someone who I can work with to help get a project built. I build guitar effects pedals and have an idea for a new pedal that works with Impulse Response files to do cabinet simulation. I would like it to be able to plug a guitar into the unit and have the tone be shaped via the IR files; which would provide the EQ curve. It would need to have a way for you to easily add new IR files to it. I would also like there to be a way that it can save multiple IR files to it and have a way to change thru different ones saved (with a knob). Anybody willing to help?

Jim jim@americanhc.com

You probably need a DSP for that.

An IR is typically hundreds of kilobytes long and can stretch into the megabyte range. Even an Arduino Mega can't hold that much data at once. You'll also need decent audio quality. You definitely need a DSP for that.


Thanks guys; I appreciate the quick replies. See - I told ya, I had no idea.