Looking for someone to make a custom werable sound module


I'm looking to hire someone who could make me a custom (wearable) sound module.

You can see an example here: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/a5bf/

I have one of these- and the quality is not so good. The speaker is already coming apart.

here is a link that someone made a version using audrino http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Personal-Soundtrack-Hoodie/?ALLSTEPS

But this is the same concept- a wearable sound system- that can play up to 10 audio tracks (programed with a MAC computer)

will need a set of switches to trigger each sound file separately. These switches need to be hidden within a costume you can find wearable push buttons at this link http://fibretronic.com/connectedwear/keypads

or, even better would be a magnetic read switch to trigger each audio track. Simply wave the magnet over the part of the costume- that has the correct sound file you wish to play- and the magnet triggers the sound to play- like "magic"

sound files are actually sound bites from the 1971 willy Wonka movie. As I am planning an elaborate engagement proposal for my girlfriend. who LOVE the 1971 willy Wonka movie so I will be playing the part of Willy Wonka- complete in costume and all. Therefore, I want to take sound bites from the movie- that Gene Wilder says as Willy Wonka. Up to 10 audio files. that way I can play the correct file by selecting the correct switch.

speaker needs to be high quality sound- since we are taking sound bites from the movie- need to be able to play back in good quality.

all elements need to be worn under the Wonka costume (battery pack, speaker, trigger buttons) and so forth. but all of this can easily be attached to costume with velcro. Battery pack could be made into a belt.

there is a guy who makes custom sound chips (for replica movie costumes and props) see here http://www.replicaprops.com/Sound-Modules_c_10.html

but he will only sell you the pre programed custom sound chip ( just sent him the audio files) not a complete working unit- as I have asked

I should note - that I already have all the sound files from the movie. I just need the complete system to make it all work.

As I have no ability to make this on my own.

Please contact me at orion2185@sbcglobal.net (as I wont be checking this posting much)

and please contact m- if you can do this....please help me!


sorry forgot to add this

as a magician- I know of a guy that makes soundsuits for entertainers you can see here


a bit more complex than I would need for this project and it comes with a high price tag

but you can see some videos- of the concept in action- to get a better idea of what I'm looking to do just replace the "sound effects" with audio clips from the movie.

looks like this might be of use for this?

not sure


Will a card like this, integrated with an amplifier module to drive a speaker, do what you want?