Looking for someone to make changes/edits to an existing schematic/pcb

Hey gang…

I have a schematic & pcb file/project (Eagle)… that I would like to make some changes… and a little re-working of audio/amp portion… (this is sort of copying the WaveShield from Adafruit hardware/capabilities…but SMD)…

maybe get a second set of professional eyes…(since this is going to fab house?)

(the board/pcb is SMALL and needs to stay that way.) :slight_smile:


i can do this design/edit/smd components any board size, right down to supplying gerber files for pcb manufacturing, but in return i would like some programming done for a simple task.

did you see my PCB dESIGN post a few of my pcbs.

what programming are you in need of? (doubt I can be of much help..LOL...but wont know until I see what you need)

its quit simple, im trying to read a transducer, take a reading from it, if the level falls below a level alarm goes off.

details? link to thread?

(what transducer? datasheet? protocol?)

What level?

What type of 'alaram'?

ive sent you my email, can send you a more info.
i noticed youve made a home brew breakout board, ive got one using smd components just add regulated +5v, the bottom one is the best as you can connect to every pin.

smd breakoutboard.png

breakout 2.png


yes I have made a few DIY board attempts… :wink:

the form factor is also a focus… (small as can be and still ‘usable’ of course)…

just learning as I go… how to home etch…

then learning to work in Eagle.

(get stencils made, pcbs’ made… and re-flow at home too)…etc…

one step at a time…LOL