Looking for someone who can help me troubleshoot a project.

Hi :). I have started a project with a rotary encoder and digital potentiometer to send a specific voltage when the rotary encoder is activated. Currently I am about 98% done but am having a problem I am unable to solve ( I am pretty new to low voltage electronics like this). Using an arduino nano, Digital potentiometer, and rotary encoder. Will provide diagram, code and everything needed. Thanks!

Hi, @mike4596
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Please read the post at the start of any forum , entitled "How to use this Forum".

Post what you have and tell us your problem.
What model Arduino are you using?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

What problem, why did you not just post the problem, schematic and code when you posted this?

If it's a hardware problem the code is of no help

If it's a code problem a schematic is of no help.

Without details we are of no help.

Before posting read XY Problem.
Search online for it.
It will save a lot of time.

By not providing useable information the OP is of no help.

Some might add that by not reading how to use this forum those seeking help are making things difficult for everyone.

If your project has to remain secret then use the gigs and colaboration section of the forum to get help.

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