Looking for specific pins

Guys, i`m looking for pins like that. they seems to be allover with ic dip sockets but cannot find them anywhere individually. Also proper name if any one know would help searching a lot as well.
If any one can point good cheap source for bulk buy than it would be very much appreciated.
Pincutre attached

thank you

Like the top 2 listed here?
More choices here
[http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/connectors-interconnects/terminals-pc-pin-receptacles-socket-connectors/1442577?k=socket%20pin](http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/connectors-interconnects/terminals-pc-pin-receptacles-socket-connectors/1442577?k=socket pin)

Not sure, but non Of the links work for me

Links corrected.

Look at "Pin Strips" in the Cables Info HERE:

Just twist off 1 or a group of pins...

Machine pin.

If you just need a few, cut a socket apart.

Yeah - those look like machined pins from pin header. They're typically embedded in a strip of plastic.

To ensure that you have the right part, you should measure the diameter of the pin, as pins for connectors are available in all manner of sizes, and without measurements, it's very hard to make sure you are getting the right kind.

Hell, I have studied the datasheet, and spent like 20 minutes with dial calipers verifiying that what I was ordering matched what I wanted more of. They're currently sitting in the junk bin, because they don't fit. Just because they're marketed with the same terms and abbreviations doesn't mean anything - It took me three orders to get the right kind of JST-XH pins and housings.

I just need to make smd to dip adaptor but I want to have option of connecting directly to if without need of taking it out. It's just modding old prom with eeprom


I simply get the heat gun out and cook a DIP Socket that has them in it, or cut them out of DIP Socket.
They are Machined Pin Dip Sockets.

Or get strip of them.


Tom... :slight_smile:

I wonder if acetone will melt it. I’m surprised that they are so hard to get.


I wonder if acetone will melt it. I'm surprised that they are so hard to get.

Good idea, nail polish remover.
Tom... :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, just cut them out, use eye protection.
Use nippy cutters.