looking for suggestion for newbie in C language and ardunio "book"

Hi guys,

im really newbie in programming language so im looking for a book or good reference’s about C or C++ language ,

if you want my level in the programming language is too low even not a basic. i would prefer C or C++ thats related to micro controllers “arduino for example”

which book or references is the best to start with?

Kerningham and Ritchie C 2nd edition - http://cg.inf.unideb.hu/eng/rtornai/Kernighan_Ritchie_Language_C.pdf -

If you think the book is good and want to support the authors, please buy the book

Note: Dennis Ritchie passed away last year, he was one of the greatest programmers the world have known

is this the best book that can help me using C in arduino ?

No. Although that book is excellent, you're likely better off with a book that covers Arduino and C. I certainly can't quantify best for you, but search for Arduino on Amazon and see what you like. Alternatively, check this thread where a similar question was posed: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,77863.0.html

I agree with wildbill. I did start with K&R, but it was in a classroom environment, and it was used as a reference by the teacher. I don't think it's really a self-teach guide. I haven't read Si's books either (although I intend to get one of the evil genius ones), but they have the advantage of him being a regular on here.

I’ve forgot where I found this reference and I don’t see a copyright within it so appologies if it wasn’t meant to be public.

With that said you may find this a pretty good starting point -


This is also a nice reader about Arduino projects - http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/files/ASKManualRev5.pdf -

@lloyddean - CrossRoads is a mod here, so I'm sure he'll let you know.