Looking for suggestion how to proceed

I am developing a game for my kids. it basically works like Skee-Ball where an object goes through a hole and creates a score. I want to have four holes that have sensors to detect the object has come through the hole and what color it was which will tell the computer which of the four holes the object came through and what color it was so it will add the relevant points to that colors score.

So far I have some color sensors and some led rings I am going to use as targets around the holes and to signal the user the sensor has recorded the object passing through the hole.

I have a few different boards nano's and uno 3's I'm just not sure where to start.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Can you tell us what color sensor you have?

Have you tried anything with it, are there examples or test programs?


Make one thing at a time work before leaping into the deep end of making everything work together.

i believe the color sensors are TCS230's with the four white LED to light up the item I want to detect the color of which I understand output is a variable frequency. For the purpose of my game I would need only to identify what range each of the three colored balls falls in. When that range is detected have the computer recognize the frequency range and which sensor is triggered. This will identify which hole the ball went through and each hole will be pre-assigned a points value. The computer will add the points to whichever of the three colors based on what frequency the sensor output.

using Red, Blue, and Green balls which are fired at the target holes and proceed through holes with a color sensor attached to detect which color ball came through the hole and tell the computer which hole it went through.

Would it make more sense to use a simple counter sensor on each hole to detect the ball going through and then a color sensor in the return shoot detecting what color the ball was?

I haven’t used that sensor, looks plausible. The way you handle detection, which hole that is, and color could be done either by having multiple color sensors or as you suggest one kind of thing to see which hole, and one color reading place.

I would gather some practical experience with the color sensor to see how it might work for either purpose.

I see prices for that sensor all over the map, and there would have to be some other detection at the entry points, so budget might enter into it.

The example code I found should be easy to work with and will let you deal at a higher level with a simple color determination.

There’s more that will depend on exactly how your ball travels through the mechanism. Like if there is time to “see” the ball, or any possibility of one getting ahead of and therefor mixed up with another.

So you could tell us more about that part.

You didn’t say what the score display or any other functions will be. For development purposes, those can be a separate effort entirely, you can get something working the logic just using the serial monitor to print messages that woukd eventually be on a real display; similarly some things can be handled with serial input from the serial monitor taking the place of hardware parts yet unknown.


I will compile a list of parts I've acquired already and get back to you with that.

I will be using an LED matrix eventually for the finished scoreboard but for the purpose of R&D I have several digital number displays I will use to display the various individual counts and scores it may take using wifi to feed data to the laptop to run the data through a program to create the finished scoreboard.

I plan to make the entire target a large matrix of lights with a plexiglass front.
I want to make the circle of lights around the target hole have an effect to signify a hit.

I will explain more in a bit have to run for a bit errands.

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