Looking for targeted electronics primer for using arduino

Hello everyone,

I am quite interested in getting into the Arduino scene however, I am an electronics newbie. I have thought about looking up some electronics tutorials for a while however, what I have found seem quite expansive in their scope. I have read the FAQ's etc on this site and I feel like I am missing some base knowledge (although I am comfortable with the actual code shown).

I was hoping somebody here might have some resources bookmarked that are more targeted to getting up to speed with the electronics necessary to begin an Arduino project.

I know there is a book thread currently being posted in however, I'm primarily looking for on-line resources of electrons rather than offline books about Arduino in its entirety.

Many thanks for reading,

The best books ARE hard-copy. And I believe they are more productive; you can access high-resolution graphics instantly.
MAKE:Electronics * A very good place to start. Charles Platt / O’Reilly did a nice job and very visual…
Beginning Arduino* - Michael McRoberts very good book to start with Arduino.

Then there are MANY good online resources, such as:
http://arduinoinfo.info Terry King’s Arduino How-To WIKI -(um, Me) Detailed How-To for connecting many Input and Output devices to Arduino: Starting with Arduino, Arduino Power!: Relays and DC power control, Environmental Sensors, Ultrasonic rangers, Wireless link, and more.
http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com John Boxall’s Tutorials - Regular, supported Arduino tutorial series: From blinking an LED to complex timing, wireless communication including XBee and GSM cellular, GPS and display systems - detailed tutorials with worked examples, sketches, photos and videos.

Arduino cookbook, it's available online and its very good for beginners it covers basics electronics and arduino.

I suggest your first Arduino to be a UNO.

Are there any, more advanced, arduino tutorial books?