Looking for these sensors

I’m looking for sensors like the ones on my Kestrel. I think the white one is humidity and the wire behind it is temperature. These are water resistance if not water proof.

Help me find these sensors.


Have you contacted the firm that makes Kestrel ? (don't know what the thing is you showed...:)

it is a picture of as Kestrel Pocket Weather Meter, a handheld weather station.

I did not call them about it since I want to make my own using an Arduino.

If the humidity sensor is weatherproof its likely to be a standard capacitance based humidity sensor with a gas-permeable protective cover… The temp sensor is likely a thermistor.

Mark, do you have any links to the "standard capacitance based humidity sensor with a gas-permeable protective cover"

I want both sensors.

The temp sensor does look like a thermistor

The humidity sensor from sparkfun are not waterproof.


I have some How-To in temp-humidity here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/TemperatureHumidity

Not sure what a "waterproof" humidity sensor would be!

Enclosing the sensor in Tyvek or Tent material or other waterproof but permeable bag might work for an outdoor- compatible sensor. But most outdoor weather sensors simply have a rainproof enclosure..

Regards, Terry King terry@yourduino.com

The HIH-5030 has a covered, condensation-proof version the HIH-5031, for instance. I've definitely read about sensors with optional cover.

Its easy to make a liquid-proof gas sensor - that's what a gas-permeable membrane is for (Goretex for instance) - just a membrane with nano-scale holes in it (surface tension makes it impossible for liquid to squeeze through the holes except at extreme pressures). Gas molecules sail through the holes...

Good information, thank you