Looking for USB Host Shield *WORKING* library

I've been trying, without any success, to use Felis' USB Host Shield 2.0 Library.

The problem is that this library won't compile in IDE 1.0.4.

My final objective is to have his PTP 2.0 Library working, but none of the examples in that library compile.

So, my question is: can anyone please refer me to a working USB Host Shield library that actually works with IDE 1.0.4 ?

I just downloaded the 2.0 library from: https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0 by clicking on the ZIP button. I copied USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master.zip into Documents/Arduino/libraries/. Unzipped the file. Renamed the new USB_Host_Shield_2.0-master folder to 'usbhub'. Re-started the IDE. Then File->Examples->usbhub->HID->USBHIDJoystick compiled without error.

Could you have skipped one of those steps?

Thanks, John.

That is pretty much what I did. the only difference is that the library folder is inside my sketchbook\libraries folder, so it is visible across all the IDEs I use.

This is what I get when I try to compile that very same sketch:

USBHIDJoystick.pde: At global scope: USBHIDJoystick:22: error: redefinition of 'USB Usb' USBHIDJoystick:22: error: 'USB Usb' previously declared here USBHIDJoystick:23: error: redefinition of 'USBHub Hub' USBHIDJoystick:23: error: 'USBHub Hub' previously declared here USBHIDJoystick:24: error: redefinition of 'HIDUniversal Hid' USBHIDJoystick:24: error: 'HIDUniversal Hid' previously declared here USBHIDJoystick:25: error: redefinition of 'JoystickEvents JoyEvents' USBHIDJoystick:25: error: 'JoystickEvents JoyEvents' previously declared here USBHIDJoystick:26: error: redefinition of 'JoystickReportParser Joy' USBHIDJoystick:26: error: 'JoystickReportParser Joy' previously declared here USBHIDJoystick.pde: In function 'void setup()': USBHIDJoystick:28: error: redefinition of 'void setup()' USBHIDJoystick:28: error: 'void setup()' previously defined here USBHIDJoystick.pde:39: warning: only initialized variables can be placed into program memory area USBHIDJoystick.pde: In function 'void loop()': USBHIDJoystick:42: error: redefinition of 'void loop()' USBHIDJoystick:42: error: 'void loop()' previously defined here

I know some of those messages make absolutely no sense.

I've made sure there are no other USB-like libraries in use.

Also, I've tried the above in 2 IDEs, with the same unsuccessful results: Arduino 1.0.3 and ERW 1.0.3