looking for Visca protocol code or library!


I am looking for example code or library for the visca protocol. Since i have got hold of a few camera's that support this protocol, would it be nice to try to get it working.

I am a novice on programming RS232 devices ... but willing to learn.

Any advise is welcome,

cheers, Peter

The first step will be a hardware level shifter to connect the RS232 (+/-15V) serial signals to the TTL (0-5v) serial port of the Arduino.

The MAX232 is a common choice: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/316

I'd also be very interested in this. I got a level shifter. Now just need a library to do the work. I'd be interested in helping out but also have a fairly limited knowledge of writing libraries for arduino.

Somebody who knows both PIC and Arduino may find this helpful:

"sony ptz dome camera controller with VISCA protocol" http://www.libstock.com/projects/view/267/sony-ptz-dome-camera-controller-with-visca-protocol

...if someone converts this to Arduino-ese, please post it here!