Looking to add additional verification to a salt water fish feeder

Waiting to hear back on the model of the feeder, but here is what im trying to attempt.
Its a large 200 galloon tank with a large assortment of salt water fish.

The owners(family) tend to take multiple vacation trips throughout the year, so most of the time, they setup the feeder if its a short trip, but on the longer trips they don't set it up and I go tend to the fish, I don't mind and not looking to save me a trip to do anything, but I want to give them the assurance that the feeder did in fact work with even proof.

So once I find the brand I was going to see if I can add the following functionality:
Logging(with timestamp)
And maybe a camera to take a pic of the food actually in the water at the moment it happened so they know for sure.

Its def overkill for such a simple task, but knowing that it actually happened would ease their mind.

So my question is would adding such features require opening up the unit to tap into anything? or can this all be done without device modifications?

So once I find the brand

Let us know when you find it.

Ill try to get that information later today.

Ok here is the feeder,

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser

IF I have to get into the actual unit to make mods ill have to think about it, but willing to do it if its just a simple mod required.

You could monitor the power consumption of the feeder, with something like a voltage transformer measuring the amperes drawn. This will indicate the start of a feeding process... as I assume some activator or motor is used, which draw quite a bit of power.

So then based on that power draw, I can trigger the code to do the verification steps.
I am looking to order some "Current Sensor Modules" would that work or be the same thing?

So I finally got the feeder from my uncle, and its battery driven.

So does that affect my options on how to accomplish my original request/task?

So can I simply connect some wires to the battery terminals within the unit so that I don't modify it, and monitor those for the current draw?